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Importers Must Prioritize Packaging Quality Control

When companies place orders with overseas manufacturing partners, they can jeopardize their shipment and their reputation if inadequate attention is paid to packaging quality.

The experts at Insight Quality Services, an AHFA Solution Partners member, advise using a pre-shipment checklist that includes the following:

1) Verify correct labeling. This includes verifying the carton's dimensions and weight. Shipments can be detained if customs officials find discrepancies. Also, confirm that details including the manufacturer name, address, manufacture date and country of origin are visible.

2) Verify barcodes. Make sure any barcodes scan correctly and match your purchase order information.

3) Consider drop tests. Carton drop tests involve dropping the carton from specified heights and at 10 different angles. Implementing these tests helps ensure your product will arrive undamaged.

Keep in mind that if furniture or packaging is damaged, mislabeled or has the wrong barcode, it can lead to lost profits and a damaged brand reputation. For more information, contact Andy Church at