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When our industry faces complex issues, AHFA often steps forward to create a roadmap its member companies can use to navigate the issue with confidence. From law label compliance to environmental management to responsible sourcing, AHFA has the guide or manual you need.

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2022 Responsible Sourcing Manual

AHFA has released a second edition of the Responsible Sourcing Manual it first published in 2012. The first edition provides a step-by-step guide to establishing a corporate social responsibility program. But the global understanding of “social responsibility” has evolved over the last decade. The updated manual reflects broader environmental, human rights and social governance concepts and requirements that are now integral to a fully developed responsible sourcing program. The new edition includes updated “country risk profiles” for China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and Vietnam, as well as new requirements and best practices related to the Uyghur Force Labor Prevention Act adopted in June 2022. Like the original manual, the 2022 update was produced in conjunction with the Responsible Sourcing team at UL Solutions. The manual is copyrighted and its dissemination to parties other than members of the American Home Furnishing Alliance is expressly prohibited.

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Lacey Act Compliance Manual

In 2008, Congress amended the 100-year-old Lacey Act with provisions that banned trade in illegally sourced timber and wood products. While the law only applies to products imported for the U.S. market, it impacts the entire furniture supply chain by requiring manufacturers to provide proof of legal harvesting and trade. This manual provides useful tools for developing an effective vendor management program to help companies meet all Lacey Act compliance requirements.

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2012 Responsible Sourcing Manual

Released in 2012, this Responsible Sourcing Manual provides a basic guide for establishing a corporate social responsibility program. The 28-page manual is relevant for any company that sources products or components outside the United States. Specific guidance is offered for complying with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act. Sections on international conventions on labor and human rights have been updated in the second edition, released in August 2022. (See above for link to the Second Edition)

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Manual of Labeling Laws

This digest of U.S. and Canadian labeling laws is updated every other year by the International Sleep Products Association. It covers laws pertaining to bedding, upholstered furniture and other filled textile consumer products. Basic licensing, registration and labeling requirements are provided for each jurisdiction in the U.S. and Canada. Members may access the manual online at no charge. The cost is $395 for non-members.

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EFEC Environmental Management Manual

EFEC is a voluntary environmental management system created by AHFA in 1999 to help members develop and maintain strong, proactive environmental programs. EFEC stands for “Enhancing Furniture’s Environmental Culture.” The program remains as relevant today as when it was introduced two decades ago, providing a systematic approach for improving a company’s environmental performance and, in turn, its profitability.

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AHFA Environmental Guide

AHFA’s Environmental Guide contains nearly 300 pages of detailed information on environmental regulations and legislation of interest to the furniture and cabinet manufacturing industries. The guide also provides news and links to many additional websites with information and data for industry environmental professionals.

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