We Comply!

Order WE COMPLY tent cards for summer and fall markets.

AHFA member companies will once again be displaying WE COMPLY tent cards in their showrooms during all 2019 markets.

The tent card has been updated to reflect changes to ASTM F2057-17, the voluntary furniture stability standard. The changes were adopted in October 2017 and include a new warning label that must be applied to all compliant products.

The AHFA “WE COMPLY” tent card is intended to draw the attention of retail buyers, helping them identify companies at market that are committed to complying with the ASTM stability standard. The back of the tent card explains the standard’s requirements in three brief bullet points to help sales reps explain what compliance means and why it is important.

These cards are available exclusively to AHFA members. Click below for the order form. The tent cards are available for $2 each or $20 for 12.