Furniture Trade Name Directory

The Furniture Trade Name Directory is a list of various trademarks, brand names and trade names that members of the American Home Furnishings Alliance are using for the products identified in each listing. Where AHFA has been advised by our members of registration of their trademarks or brand names, we have indicated registration by ® or ™ beside that particular mark or name.

AHFA assumes no responsibility for authenticity or ownership of any of the listings included herein, nor does the listing of any mark or name guarantee or imply legal protection. The only purpose of this list is to provide a guide to assist our members in avoiding duplication or confusing similarity in trademarks, brand names or trade names.

If you have any questions about a particular mark or name, you should contact the listed member.

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ACC: Accessories
AD: Advertising
BR: Bedroom
BUS: Business
CON: Contract
CONT: Contemporary
COR: Correlate
Correlate: Selection of multiple pieces that correlate to fit a particular room or situation
DR: Dining Room
ENT: Entertainment
FUNC: Functional
HT: Home Theater
INCL: Incliners
IN: Interactive
INST: Institutional
JUV: Juvenile
LR: Living Room
LS: Loveseat
MBR: Master Bedroom
OCC: Occasional
OFF: Office
RECL: Recliners
REPRO: Reproductions
RES: Residential
RTA: Ready to Assemble
S/C: Summer/Casual
SLPR: Sleeper
UPH: Upholstered
VC: Video Catalog
Walls: Wall Units
Wrap: Furniture that wraps the room both vertically and horizontally (correlate)