Color Inspires Home Updates

March 20, 2018 – HIGH POINT, N.C. – While neutrals are always in fashion, it’s color that adds energy and personality to home décor. Today’s on-trend hues are anything but boring, inspiring home updates and decorating projects in every room of the home.

Sam Moore

Sam Moore

“Color is one of the most inspiring and stimulating features of home furnishings, and we’re enjoying a powerful resurgence of color across the industry, in all style categories,” says Jackie Hirschhaut, vice president of the American Home Furnishings Alliance. “People react emotionally to color. Often, it’s a specific hue that provides the inspiration for a room makeover or home decorating project. Spring is a great time to refresh your living spaces, and today’s colorful home furnishings provide nearly limitless inspiration.”

As a design tool, color can be used strategically to define a space, create a focal point or add character to a room. “Vogue (magazine) has declared color a watchword, and we couldn’t agree more,” says Holly Blalock, vice president of merchandising and marketing for CR Laine, a North Carolina upholstered furniture company. “Sometimes all it takes is a burst of color to reignite your interior.”

Here are some of today’s top shades, along with the ways they can be used to brighten up – or tone down – different areas of the home:

Purple Reign
Pantone, the world-renown authority on color and provider of color systems, has declared “Ultra Violet” its 2018 Color of the Year. Although unlikely to gain much steam in the world of interior design, the color of royalty is nevertheless a perfect complement to shades of gold, bronze and warm metallics that remain strong within furnishings and home accents. Elsewhere within the purple family, deep shades of wine and plum are frequently seen in tandem with today’s popular charcoal and dove gray sofas and sectionals. Softer gray-based purples provide soothing shades for bedrooms and offer a calming effect.

Revitalizing Neutrals
No longer considered a “trend,” gray has been added to the foundational neutrals in home décor.

Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen

“We are definitely seeing a trend towards mineral gray as the base color of a room, and away from the eggshell walls of years past,” says Suzanne Henson, vice president of merchandising and marketing for Craftmaster Furniture, another North Carolina-based upholstery producer.

“With that movement comes a need to use upholstery fabrics that complement gray. So, we are using a lot of black, charcoal, and white neutrals that contrast against gray. Then, we create interest by mixing together different layers of patterns and textures of fabric.”

Trending shades that might not be a natural fit for an entire room – such as “millennial pink” – can be incorporated in smaller measure as an accent to gray. “Soft green and blush seem to be the next colors moving into the spectrum of upholstery fabrics,” says Henson. “Gray also works well with various shades of blue, which still seem to dominate the non-neutral colors.”

Bountiful Blues
Indeed, blue is a perennial favorite when it comes to American homes. From indigo and navy to more yellow-based aqua, this hue continues to delight and inspire. “Navy, powder blue and teal are especially strong right now,” says Henson.

Perfect for nearly any room of the home, blue can serve as the point of inspiration or its partner. While teal and aqua work beautifully on the walls of a bedroom or powder room, they also provide a refreshing accent to a living space anchored with neutral gray. Deeper shades of navy and indigo help ground a room when paired with orange or red accents or provide stark contrast to neutrals such as white and beige.

Freshly Picked Shades

Taylor King

Taylor King

From traditional to contemporary styles, unexpected hues are modernizing classic silhouettes. “We love to create refreshing combinations of fabrics and finishes, mixing traditional and modern designs,” says Blalock. “From shades of raspberry, papaya orange, and lemongrass to indigo blue—as far as color, nothing is off-limits.”

It’s these freshest of colors that often spark the consumer’s imagination and inspire new home improvement projects. Whether it’s a particular color, or a combination of them, today’s delectably colorful fabrics and finishes are inspiring consumers to look at home decorating in new ways.

“Even in traditional design, where you would typically begin with a pattern that incorporates multiple colors as the jumping off point for other textiles, what is happening in design now is a selection of seemingly independent solids (such as berry and chartreuse) are being layered,” explains Blalock. “When used in proper proportions, they create a very colorful, harmonious, balanced – yet simple – design.”