The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) released a proposed rule on 'Representation-Case Procedures.' This proposal
is a re-issuance of the 'ambush election' rule that was initially struck down in District Court in 2011, based on an absence of
a required quorum at NLRB. With the NLRB currently at full membership (five members), that variable has changed. The
judge did not consider the merits of the rules, leaving the door open for the board to try again. The NLRB operates as an
independent agency, and as such, does not have the same restrictions as other agencies in terms of budgetary oversight.

The anticipated impact on businesses is significant. It would allow unions to hold workplace elections more quickly (in as little
as 10 days) by simplifying procedures, setting shorter deadlines. Currently, most labor elections take place within 45-60 days
after a union gathers enough signatures to file a petition. It also requires businesses to hand over lists of employee phone
numbers and emails to union leaders before an election. That could make it easier for unions to organize and reverse
decades of steep membership declines.

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